Founder, Jhon Ardila, former Jersey base Community manager and Entrepreneur and a life long believer and supporter of equality projects.

As a SHNU Business major with a minor in Organizational Leadership. Jhon has always been passionate about the arts, empowerment, organization and entrepreneurship. This has cause for him to help many small project when it comes to discord building so they are able to thrive in their journey.

Jhon has used his leadership to command, many projects such as Crunchycows, Anxious Bulldogs , Luxe Ladies NFT and Everydaysheroes. As a highly regarded brand strategist in discord building, social media, marketing, brand marketing, communications and public relations, Jhon has worked on national level as a consultant for other projects as well. In his spare time, Jhon has built his social influence on Instagram,Linkedin, Twitter and TikTok.